WordPress Will Make Your Life Easy And Is More Than A Blog

wordpress blogIf you’ve ever been considering starting a blog, you’ve no doubt heard about WordPress, though you may not know exactly what it is.

As evidenced by www.JonOnFire.com and numerous other successful ones, WordPress is one of the most popular online blogging tools out there, and is definitely one you should consider for your website.

And, this is not just for blogging. It is probably the world’s most effective Content Management System or CMS.

And, good news, it gets updated all the time, for free – Yay!

I’d recommend any business to consider running their web site on WordPress and forget about wasting money with web designers who have no idea what search engine optimisation or conversion or updates mean. This is easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

The software has been out for just a few years, but it has gained quite a presence in the market during that time. It is logical and easy to learn, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to get your blog up and going.

You can design the look of your blog through cleverly coded themes and plugins with many being free and have a blog with a unique look in no time. You’ll be able to achieve the same look that a web designer would give you, for a fraction of the time and cost. Now, how cool is that?

What’s probably most exciting about WordPress is how easily you can post an update. Simply type it in, or copy/paste if you prefer to do your writing in Word or Notepad, and then hit publish.

If you want to include a picture, just click on the image button and download a picture from your computer or from a website like Flickr. The same goes for video with the extra fun of being able to add a link to YouTube so you don;t even have to host it.

If you need to edit your post, this can be done quickly and easily, too. Once posted, you can look at the blog post with one click.

Anyone can use it, with virtually no training.But, if training is required, there is a slew of it online via free YouTube videos, info sites and paid memberships. Everything is covered somewhere.

WordPress offers free hosting but I DO NOT recommend this. Free hosted web sites are no completely in your control and, for a number of reasons, can be shut down instantly with no return – yikes!

This is why I don’t like Google’s Blogger and I know too many who have lost years of content with no appeal.

If you ask around, you’ll probably be amazed at how many people use WordPress, from people who blog for fun, to small business owners to large corporations who love it because employees in remote locations can use it.

In response to their popularity, WordPress has recently updated their interface to make it even more intuitive and easy to use. In addition, this recent update has added more features to help you design and even slicker and more professional looking website.

So, as you contemplate putting together a blog for your business or, to be honest, any web site for your business, don’t forget to check out WordPress.

You’ll likely not be able to find a more robust, intuitive and feature rich product for blogging than WordPress offers.

This site runs it as do many of my others and the next two fully programmed sites will be customised WP sites. I love it and so should you.

Talk soon

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    Great post!


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    nice post. though people say that wordpress is not good as per architecture but i still belive as along with its plugins, wordpress is really great.


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