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Why You Should Be Using a Password Manager

Roboform logo [1]If you don’t have password management [2] on your computer, you must be living in the Dark Ages. Seriously, how do you mange them? I have just checked mine and I have 455 passwords. 455!!!! Imagine that printed out or written down.

Trying to keep up with all of your web logins and passwords yourself can be frustrating, particularly when you forget one.

But, that all gets easier with Roboform [2], the world’s most downloaded password manager. All of your passwords and logins are magically at your fingertips, and they’re all secure, too.

Not only does Roboform [2] keep your passwords and logins in one place, but it will virtually log in for you! Simply go to the Roboform area on your browser, click the website you want to visit, and, in one click, you’ve launched the website and logged into it.

Until you’ve used this, you’ll never get what I mean in this being a lifesaver. If I lost everything tomorrow, it would be the first thing I’d download. And it is free. Yes, free!

Now I hear some of you saying that Firefox remembers passwords but, pu-lease, this is not the same. And would you trust something that is such an easy target for hackers?

You Don’t Even Need to Remember the Web Address

In addition to helping you login, Roboform [2] will also help you to fill out forms on websites. Simply put the information like name, address, birthday, etc, into Roboform and it will fill out forms for you in the future.

Now, you’re probably thinking that while it all sounds cool, it doesn’t sound very safe. Roboform [2] is actually one of the most secure pieces of software you’ll ever have.

Everything is encrypted. You can generate random passwords and passwords up to 512 characters long for security. And they constantly send you updates that upload with just a click.

And, you can even store your Roboform information on a separate USB drive, so that you can physically remove it from your computer when you’re not going to be around.

In addition, you can have Roboform clear your internet cache every time you log off your computer, so that other users won’t see where you’ve visited.

Another great feature of Roboform is that it will allow you to organize your passwords through folders. This can be a real timesaver because you can group similar websites together in folders so that you can find the sites you’re looking for more quickly. Otherwise, when you have a lot of sites listed in Roboform, you have to scroll through to find the right one.

Custom Form Filling

If you have directories to fill in or affiliate info or things slightly out of the ordinary, there is a ‘customer form’ section where you name the field title and fill the details and the system will fill all your directory forms.

Plus, I just looked, I have five personal identities (different biz names and stuff, not like witness protection program IDs!) and multiple bank accounts and credit cards and it does all that, seamlessly.

Did I say That It’s Free?

You can try Roboform [2] for free. It’s a full version in terms of features, and will let you store ten passwords – although I think I managed to get nearly 20 into the free version.

The full version is only $29.95, with free lifetime upgrades. With the full version you can manage hundreds and hundreds of passwords. Plus, if you want to pop it on other computers, you can buy extra licenses at $9.95 or just use the Online version.

What Are the Alternatives?

Mac users can use the online version but they say they will have a Safari and Opera version out during 2010 – yay!

And, for those who use 1Password on a Mac, I have used 1Password for ages and it does not fill efficiently or work as easily. LastPass is also supposed to be good but you have to pay monthly.

Everybody needs password management to make life online easier and faster. And, when you’re shopping around for password management packages, you won’t find one better than Roboform [2]. It’s simple to use, makes life fast and easy, and keeps your logins and passwords completely secure.

If you don’t try this, there is no hope for you. Pop your PC back in the box and take it back to the store.

I’d love to hear your comments and what you use or have tried. Please just tell me below.


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