Seven Steps Of A Truly Easy, Cheap And Effective Link Building System – Part One

Building incoming links is a pain in the proverbial for everyone, even the experts. But, it has to be done because I’ve not seen a web page rank first lately without some kind of link.

I’m not going to explain the absolute basics of an incoming link but, in summary, we don’t like the ‘you link to me and I’ll link to you’ reciprocal style (although there are advanced ways to do this that are very effective) and any web site with a page titled ‘links’ is not going to pass muster.

What we do want is a flood of other web sites linking to us without us linking back. And, if they do this willingly by placing the link themselves on their own site, then our friend Google should be pleased to see them.

So, I hear you impatiently wondering what these 7 magic tricks are. Well, this is not the be all and end all of linking but it’s much of what I do and it works.

1. Directories and Listings

Before you start to moan about directories, just hear me out. OK?

When I started my online business, most of my links came from analysing the incoming links to my ‘competitors’ and related sites and looking for directories (or listings sites). Whenever I found one, I added a link to my own site – easy.

In fact, I only checked for links showing in Google because, although Google does not show many of the links and Yahoo Site Explorer shows them all, I only care about Google and, in my humble, if they decide to show it, it’s important enough for me to grab a link. Now I know that many will disagree but, as a I always say, never take advice from someone who makes less money that you! Hey, it works for me still.

But, nowadays, I use Alexa links as this lists the sites in order of importance (the Alexa rank is a good enough indicator for this use). If I run out of idea, I then go to Google. An easy way to do this is to get the SearchStatus plugin for FireFox.

2. Sponsoring Articles or Pages or Sites

There are paid links and there are paid links. Adverts are often paid links. Sponsorship agreements are paid links. Google hates paid links but there is a vast difference between buying from somewhere like Text Link Ads where the link is sold by it’s PR value and in sponsoring a page or site.

Let’s say that you want a link for your tropical fish site. If you Google the this [“tropical fish” +forum], you’ll find lots of forums with many pages and good Page Rank. many of these forums are run as hobbies by the owners so why not dive down to results page three or deeper (that get’s you past most of the ones in it for profit) and contact one or two to see if you can ‘sponsor’ their forum to help pay the running costs. You’ll be amazed at how low a cost you can get your ad banner on there and it brings in a slew of relevant links.

The same can be done for a specific article or page or an entire web site. Just go deep into the Google results to find those who do not know how to market their site and obviously have no idea how to make money. It is possible to offer $100 for a year or $50 for six months – and I guarantee that most will forget to ever ask you for your next payment. Seriously, this works so always offer to pay for 6 months or  year.

3. Article Marketing

Getting incoming links through submitting articles to article directory sites like EzineArticles (EZA – I know there are others but I’ll stick with this one for now) is not new and you should already be doing it. But, you are probably doing it wrong – sorry!

You can add a thousand articles to EZA but, despite the fact that you will get links, they are all from one single root domain and will not count as strongly as you think, especially when you send that same article to three hundred other sites and they all use the same headline and intro as the Meta Title and Description tags. And then there’s the others that scrape the directories, yuk.

So, what most people are missing is the webmasters that take the content from these directories and plonk it on their own sites with the resource box. Now, that is a link that you want and, although it’s not easy, this is the way you should be doing it.

First of all, I’m assuming that your articles have killer headlines and are extremely well written and cover a subject that interests people – more on that in another post one day soon. We’ll stick with ‘tropical fish’ so, go and search in EZA for that term and copy the top 20 result headlines into a text file. Then, search Google with the exact title in quotes and see who has picked up that article. Obviously, you need to ignore the other directories, the article writer’s site (please don’t add the submitted article to your own site), the scrapers and the garbage.

As you find these sites, have a look and see if they have taken other articles. If so, and their site us about ‘tropical fish’ then you need to find their contact details and name. If they are not on the site, try a whois search at Domain Tools or search Google, LinkedIn, Facebook etc for info on their site.

Now, here is the shocker. You are going to call them on the phone, you are going to tell them that you have lost faith in the directories and now give unique articles to specialists like them. And, not to worry, if they don’t want it, their competitor said they’ll take the article, etc, etc.

Now, do you get it? That involves a little effort but sure beats that spammy email that you wanted to send them. Your new friend will give you her email, address and everything and, she may have other sites. You will give her that article and never offer it to anyone else and you will have someone to go on your link building contact list. Then you do it again and again or, better still, outsource it – again, that’s for another post on another day.

This beats the heck out of the way your competitors are doing it and, after a while, you will have links galore from related sites that have cost you nothing or just a few bucks to get the article written.

Phew, that’s a lot to take in so I’ll end Part One there and Part Two will follow on very quickly.

The most important thing is to start taking action. If you read this and don’t do anything, you wasted good TV watching time. If you try one or two, get bored and give up, then you also should just grab a beer and be watching TV for the rest of your life. I assure you that I do these, all of them. They work and the resulting rankings will earn you money.

Please do it.

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8 Responses to “Seven Steps Of A Truly Easy, Cheap And Effective Link Building System – Part One”

  1. 1
    Peter says:

    “Now, here is the shocker. You are going to call them on the phone”

    Often, speaking to people is the only way to show you are genuine and not a malicious spam bot.


  2. 2

    When do we get the next part – its 1st May today.


  3. 3
    Jon says:

    @Carolynn – your wish is my command so there is another installment published now


  4. 4

    Thank you, watching and learning…


  5. 5

    You should rename this ‘7 Steps to Link Heaven’. Hold on a minute I think I just wrote a headline. OK Jon you can use that one but my point is that you are absolutely right in what you say. Follow these seven steps and take action. If your readers have read this far then they haven’t seen your part two so let’s jump right in on the forum thing. You speak about sponsoring forums on those listed on pages 2 and 3 in search results. Lets go visit those forums and see who are the habitual posters. Seek out the poster who has been a member for 12 months or more and offer to pay that poster a one off fee to have your keyword phrase and link pasted into their signature or better still see if they will sell you their account. Woops, is that against forum T+C.


  6. 6
    Jon says:

    Tony – yes, continue to think outside the box and there are many more methods to grad a good link or two


  7. 7
    bambooshades says:

    I have published my articles in 15 directories but
    so far no incoming links showing when I submit my
    site in Yahoo site explorer and Does it
    take time or I have to bookmark my articles published
    in article directories.


    Jon Reply:

    I see 59 incoming links in Yahoo Site Explorer. Google is unlikely to show any. Plus, as your site is only two months old, you have to work very hard to get noticed by Google, especially since their “Panda” update (aka “Farmer” update) has tried to penalize built-for-adsense sites like this.

    Make sure you vary your links and do not rely on just one or two types. Also, ask what a user will get from your site. If your site offers something unique, then it will stand above the thousands of others in the same niche.


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