Seven Steps Of A Truly Easy, Cheap And Effective Link Building System – Part Two

So, in Part One, we covered directories, sponsoring and article marketing. All are very effective on their own but they turbo-charge when mixed together and I will always remind you to have a fully mix of linking methods to keep those competitors off your tail!

I could create a list of around 30 more methods for linking but these are cheap, effective (my favourite word in 2010), DIY, and so easy that you can be getting on with them immediately after reading this.

4. Product Reviews

A short description of this is to contact someone with a popular site, preferably in your niche, and with good Page Rank and ask them if they would like to review one of your products and write about it on your blog.

Of course, when you offer the product, you will make it clear that they can keep it after or donate it to charity – the word ‘charity’ always makes people like you that bit more.

If you sell info products, this costs you nothing. If you sell products, send something simple. Forget the cost as this is advertising whilst hijacking someone elses readership traffic. Their readers see the review and follow the link to see what you’ve got. You also get the links so tell the reviewer what anchor text you want in the link and tell them to include a photo of the item or service to prove that they really reviewed it.

Now, some of you may be plumbers or decorators and you may be thinking this does not apply to you as you have no ‘product’. But you do. It is your service. So, why not contact a charity or someone you know that has a blog and offer to service their boiler for free or paint a door or something like that? You need to think outside the box and, if you want to succeed, you need to make an effort.

This is one of the easiest link building methods as not many web site owners get offered free stuff and they will feel honoured and special to be considered worthy as an ‘official’ reviewer.

Guest Post Blogs

5. Press Releases

Now, here’s another one that m0st of us get wrong. Press releases are great for getting links but, most of us don’t know how to make the most of them.

First of all, you need to be aiming at getting links – writing for offline is the subject of another post  one day soon. Therefore, you need a compelling subject and, despite what you think, there is something interesting lurking within your business.

As with all writing, your biggest effort should be in the headline. That is what grabs the attention amongst all the dross. Go to your local news store and read headlines on tabloid newspapers and magazines to get and idea of how the pros do this. But, as this is to get links, make sure your keyword or phrase is there and, your name or brand and keep it all within 20 words (or 170 characters).

Then comes the summary. If your headline is good enough, your summary needs to continue the theme but be a three sentence magnet to your main copy. Take your time and do not use the first few sentences of the actual body copy.

In your body content, you need to add a couple more killer features in addition to the one in your headline. Include a quotation from your named spokesperson or expert, then close with the offer of a white paper on your web site, a contest or free download. This type of call to action always does well.

You will want to put two or three keyword links in your body. Take the opportunity and have them deep link to categories further in to your site. Most people just link to the home page and miss out on this extra link distribution. The home page link can be in your signature. If you are offering a download, the link needs to be to an effective landing page that just features that offer.

At the end, you should compile your signature or resume carefully. It should be accurate, concise, descriptive, enticing and, above all, make you sound interesting. Add your home page link here along with proper contact details and full name.

Now, how about an image? When was the last time you read anything in a paper or magazine without an image? Keep it neat and the file size small – 100-250kb preferably – and make sure it looks professional on a clean backgound, if any.

Finally, where to release it? Personally, like most of the world, I use when I have a decent story as they are the most respected and easiest. You can use the $80 package or the $200 version has more features. It’s up to you. Also, take a look at, and

Also, there are a number of free press release web sites like, and but, beware, many of the other free sites are a waste of time, have been banned for spamming or take so long to set up that you’ll die waiting.

And there you have another two easy-peasy methods for getting links that actually count.

Remember that I use these in my ecommerce business every day and these links keep us ahead of our competitors in both ranks and traffic. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same?


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