Having Problems With Firefox on Windows 7?

firefox logoLots of people have complained that Firefox runs extremely slow on Windows 7. If you’re having that issue, here are some tips to help you get Firefox back to normal.

Keep in mind that all browsers tend to slow down after a time. Using these tips should help you get some speed back on Firefox.

  • Conduct a registry scan. This removes junk registries and errors. If you don’t have a good registry cleaning software, get one. It can not only speed up browsing, but can also prevent other slowness problems and even crashes
  • Tune up Mozilla Firefox by clearing the Cache. It’s actually good practice to clear it after every browsing session. It helps speed issues because it removes tracking cookies
  • Delete the history files. History is basically a lot of junk files. Removing them creates space so that the browser can run more quickly
  • Check out your toolbars and add ons – Firefox has literally thousands of add ons you can put on the browser. However, not all have been tested for compatibility. Get rid of tool bars and add ons you don’t use. If you’re having lots of problems, you might just want to get rid of all of them. Then you can add them back one at a time, if you really use them. But, too many will cause slowness issues. Incompatible ones trying to run together will cause serious slowness issues. The above guidelines help you to fix your problem.a

Keep in mind that regular maintenance can avoid a lot of issues. Regular virus scans and registry cleaning are both important maintenance activities. In addition, go through this checklist from time to time. Following the above tips, in addition to the other regular maintenance routines can keep your PC in top performance mode.

If you are using Microsoft Explorer as your browser then, I can’t think of the last serious internet marketer that was not using Firefox, Chrome or Safari. You really need to get reading some good blogs, lol!

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