FTC Disclosure

Now, I do not live in the USA and do not get paid in the USA and am not subject to USA laws or stuff.

But, I do like my American friends – a lot – and do visit the Land Of The Free often so I thought it would be thoughtful to comply with the FTC Regs on disclosure. Oh, I also happen to agree that it is a good thing, BTW.

So, for those of you that live under a rock, I make money from this web site and you can assume that I make money from everything I do from Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Diggs, Stumbles, emails, forum posts and offers. In fact, whilst you were reading this, I just picked you back pocket so you can assume that I actually make money just from you reading anything I write – anywhere.

If you ever see me out and about and I’m carrying something or wearing something with or without a logo, I will be being paid to wear it or carry it.

If you offer me a seat and I choose to sit somewhere else, you can assume that I am being paid to sit in that position.

If you see me in a restaurant or even eating a burrito on the sidewalk (yes, that’s a pavement), I will be earning money from every mouthful.

If I review a product or service then I will be paid to do this.

And, the only time I do not get paid is when I review someone’s non-commercial web site without their knowledge. But, now I think about it, I’d be writing about it and you’d be reading it and I’d be picking your pocket so I’d be making money from it.

Ah, stuff all the above! If you see me breathing, just assume that someone somewhere is paying me to breath.

Oh, BTW, although I will be paid to review stuff and read stuff and use stuff and so on, I will never ever, Scout’s Honour, give anything other than my own true and, frankly, extremely blunt opinion. Cuz that’s what I do.

Now, that has got me thinking. If I have been earning money from all of the above, there must be a whole lot of cheques lost in the post – hmmm!