4 Wise Investments For A Long And Prosperous Life

I’m not going to go all weird on you but I really believe what I’m about to tell you. There really are, in my opinion, 4 ultra-essentials that will make your life move forward, last longer and have a better quality from both a personal and business perspective.

So, let me explain. And, I can assure you that this is not your standard internet marketing posts stuffed with affiliate links. But I want you to think about the advice and see the sense.

1. Your Bed Should Be Expensive

WHAT? Bed? Huh? What’s that to do with blogging?

Well, to be honest, nothing and everything at the same time.

You will spend somewhere between a quarter and a third of your life in bed – unless you are a pro-blogger when that will reduce by half, lol. And, when you are in bed, you should sleep as comfortably and as deeply as you can so that you are re-charged for the next day. Just like a good lithium battery.

I cannot tell you what will work for you but it won’t be found in a cheap discount store. Hotel beds and mattresses are fantastic at the top chains so why not find out where they get theirs?

Personally, I have a memory foam bed (not a Tempur but the same thing) and my sleep has never been better, especially in the summer as it ‘breaths’ and does not make me hot.

I can’t tell you how to buy a bed but spend lots of money on it, test it for as long as you can. Get it in the Christmas sales but pay lots of money. Your back will love you for it!

2. Your Office Chair Needs Lumbar

If you think that much of this post seems to relate to keeping your back in good working order, you’d be right. My wife Tina has a back so bad that it is ruining her life. don’t chance it.

Another place that us online folks inevitable spend lots of time is in an office chair staring at a screen. Just add up the hours.

For that reason, this is another one to spend good money on. make sure that it is not a budget one. Your chair needs a large, thick seat and a high back with adjustable lumbar support.

The seat should go up and down and tilt but these should operate independently of each other. Arms are good but, again, they should be adjustable. Up and down and foldable (for when you want to slide yourself under the desk). Pay for quality.

3. Comfortable Shoes Can be Fashionable

Obviously, you’re not going to wear your Jimmy Choos all day. Are you? But, think about it, do you choose comfort or fashion when buying shoes? I mean for general walking, not boogying.

You will pound the sidewalk or pavement so why not have a pair of shoes that has a decent instep and a padded sole?

They will be saving your feet, legs and spine so, whether they are running shoes or just plain shoes, pay double what you’d normally spend. The chances are that the resulting footwear will last three times as long. Your feet will as well!

4. Education

This last one seems unrelated but, humour me for a minute.

Put simply, all else in your life will follow from a continuing great education. This can take many forms from traditional schools and colleges to the sort of education that us online marketers are used to such as courses, ebooks, membership sites, webinars, conferences, mentoring, etc.

The more you learn, the more valuable you make yourself to all around. And that will help you to get a better job, build a better business, help you to further educate your kids and improve their lives, help others, and just become an all-round good egg.

But some of these courses are very expensive as is always the way, especially the really worthwhile ones. They seem to be only for the ones wealthy enough to be able to pay and surely they are the ones that don’t need the education!

You can save a fortune if you only start thinking outside the box. How about bartering for it. Do you have something you can offer in exchange to learn? Maybe a product or service?

Or, how about this? If I had someone get in touch with me and offer to work for me for a month with no wages, don’t you think I’d be interested? That may cost you a couple thousand bucks in lost earnings but wow, would you learn. And real learning in a real biz doing it the right way. You’d also learn a wide range of stuff you could apply immediately.

Now, please don’t anyone offer to fly over just yet as I just hired three new staff. I want you to think about your life, your well-being, your future and to have a pleasant change from the internet marketing drivel that you had to consume today and yesterday.

Let me have your comments and tell me if that does not make sense. And, don’t just read this stuff, and then do something good for yourself.

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9 Responses to “4 Wise Investments For A Long And Prosperous Life”

  1. 1

    Excellent advice. However, I would like to add something.. having risen from your fab bed, put on your most comfortable shoes and spent the day in your large, padded chair improving your mind I believe you should inject some energy into your body …. stimulate the blood flow, increase the immune system and get rid of toxins…. get a stimulating treatment from a Holistic Therapist.
    Massage has been used for 1,000s of years to improve the mind, body and soul, get in touch with the basic sense of touch and live life to the full.


  2. 2
    Jon says:

    @Carolynn – You know I agree with you but most people don’t have you living within reach so you didn’t make the list


  3. 3

    I spend too much time trying to educate myself in getting up to speed with the online world, blogging, and creating a network to help start an Arts and Sciences Center in our town of 26,000+.
    Now I come across your article, because youstarted to follow me on twitter.
    I must say it was very refreshing and on target!
    I have lived with a back controlled life for 8yrs now, and the last for with constant heart troubles to boot. One day last week some how I ended up looking at 3″ & 4″ memory foam covers, and was so wanting one, I spent hours and hours looking at them, and I’m was most likely drooling while researching them(lol).
    But right on the mark, thanks, an I apologize for going on so.


  4. 4
    Jon says:

    Hey Karl

    Great reply and I’m glad you liked the post. My wife has mega-sciatica and she has a 3″ Tempur topper on top of her side of our memory foam mattress. She takes it to hotels if we ever go away but find it very necessary.


  5. 5
    Willy Weedon

    Top Article.

    Agree with all of the above but I’m personally not fulfilling each to the best of my ability at the moment. Except when it comes to the Expensive Bed. We bought a Memory Foam mattress 3 years ago and now we hate sleeping on anything else.

    It is perfect for not distrubing your partner when you climb in and out of bed as well. I can come home from work late at night and literally dive into bed and she doesn’t even notice! Until I start snoring of course…


    Jon Reply:

    Or, Will, you hairy Aussie, until she can smell your feet, of course!


  6. 6

    Jon, I found your blog since you followed me on Twitter. Thanks for that, by the way!

    Also, I just bought a MiForma memory foam bed and it was actually delivered today. I do need to upgrade my computer chair though, but great post.

    Health is SO important. You could also add that you should watch your diet/exercise too, as many issues can be prevented by taking care of your body to begin with (much like these examples) than reacting to problems down the line.

    I’m adding you to my RSS, I like what I see here 🙂

    Thanks Jon!



    Jon Reply:

    Hi Jeremy

    Glad you like the post and that’s a good point on the diet/excercise but I think that, in this modern age, that may fall on a few deaf ears, lol.



  7. 7
    Andy Piper says:

    These are great items, most people keep their old used up mattress for way too long even though they spend @ 8 hours a day on it! Priorities! I would add, spend the money on a membership to a top notch gym of fitness center. Invest in your self! You will live longer and feel better and save lots of money on medical expenses.


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